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Our company is located in Gaoyou, Jiangsu, the hometown of fire in "Jiangzuo Famous District, Yaodi's Hometown" and "World Heritage City". It has a modern production plant area of nearly 100 acres, a registered capital of 30 million yuan, and more than 100 employees, of which 2 doctoral students, 4 master students, 2 undergraduates, more than 10 professional and technical personnel, and set up "Public Safety Technology Research Center", "Yangzhou Intelligent Fire Engineering Research Institute", "Yangzhou Certified Enterprise Technology "Center" is a science and technology innovation enterprise based on quality, market-oriented and technology-centric.

In recent years, our company has continuously cooperated with domestic universities, fire stations and foreign manufacturers to develop new products, abandon traditional labor-intensive fire protection equipment, and successfully realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Our company adheres to the marketing strategy of domestic and international markets, promotes the quality of domestic products with international market product standards, fully implements the ISO9000 quality system, and has obtained CCC certification!

After years of development, our company has formed two major product series, formed a complete product structure, and laid a solid foundation for the company's subsequent development. Our company's "Shengxin" series of foam fire extinguishing equipment, the product covers foam fire extinguishing agents, foam guns, foam cannons, foam generators, foam trailers, foam plugs and foam tanks, etc., our company is the only one in the country A company covering the product chain.

"Shengxin" full range of fire cannons, automatic tracking and positioning jet fire extinguishing devices and fire robots fully reflect our company's technological innovation capabilities. The products are exported to foreign countries and are widely used in large space fire extinguishing systems, petrochemical fire fighting, dock fire fighting, ships In the field of fire protection, vehicle fire monitors, life-saving, rescue equipment, precision equipment, etc., it is one of the few professional fire monitor manufacturers with R & D and export capabilities in China.

Shengxin Fire has been committed to providing high-quality foam fire extinguishing products and fire monitor products to customers at home and abroad, and can provide product design, consulting, construction and supporting services to customers. Welcome customers and friends to visit our company for cooperation, and welcome firefighters to join Shengxin Fire!

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Shengxin Fire-Headquarters

Industrial Concentration Zone, Sandou Town, Gaoyou City

Jiangsu Province, China 225600

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